Why Shared Parking Lots Can Be A Solution To Mobility

Large cities are often faced with traffic which can make mobility a problem and mobility is a problem because people have nowhere to park, so they are parked on the road, or they keep moving around on the road just so they can find a parking space, hence causing roadblocks or traffic that could have been easily avoided.

Every city has had to find solutions to their problems and with the problem of parking, some parking lots have had to reduce the number of cars in them. And this is where Shared Parking comes in.

A Shared Parking Lot is a private parking lot that is at the disposal of other users, sometimes companies, even members of the general public so that they can benefit from parking spaces. This is as a result of new technologies like smart parking which increases access to under-utilized private parking lots. These lots can now be opened up to external users in their immediate environment hence making parking solutions available to citizens and businesses.

These parking lots enable property owners to maximize the potential of their parking lots by increasing their use. To do this, unused spaces will be rented to external persons, hence increasing the occupancy rate for those spaces and also motorists are able to find a secure parking space.

This is what we do at ParkWell, we rent out secure parking spaces from private lots to motorists thereby ensuring that the driver’s parking problem is solved. It is very easy and affordable, all you have to do is download the app, create an account, and search for the nearest ParkWell parking space close to you. 

These lots are open to car owners who want to park close to their homes on a daily basis, workers who visit the city on a daily basis, and visitors passing through the city for events. These parking lots will also help with the ease of traffic flow and relieve congestion in the city, which is good for mobility in general.

And when you think of parking solutions, think ParkWell. 

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