Why Reducing The Size Of Your Company’s Parking Lot might Be A Good idea

I know you might be wondering why we are talking about reducing parking spaces when we need parking spaces, so many companies already have the problem of insufficient car spaces, so why then are we talking about reducing these spaces? 

Let's go back a bit, a lot of people consider parking spaces when searching for jobs and houses. (See here on things to take note of while house hunting)

 In most cases, the commute from home to the office is usually very long. For instance, in Lagos, people live on the Mainland and have to drive to work regularly to the Island. Imagine they get there and there’s no parking space? 

The key is not in the size of the car park but its functionality. So, the question should not be how do we increase spaces for employees but how do we increase the functionality of the car park thereof? 

In optimizing the parking lot spaces, there has to be proper optimization of space. How do we achieve this?

You can start by properly optimizing the parking spaces you already have. You see we can talk about all the things we can do to increase the functionality of your spaces, but if you do not have a properly planned lot, effecting these changes will not be worth it. 

If you go through your parking lot, there’s actually a chance that you’ll find more to add to the parking lot, also, you can rearrange the lot to contain more cars. If your company’s car park is rented, remember that you have to contact the owner before you can make changes to increase the functionality. 

Install a CCTV 


Surveillance cameras are a Good Investment in a parking lot. When people notice that there are surveillance cameras in a particular place, they tend to be more careful and law-abiding.  With CCTV installed in your parking lot, you can pay close attention to people who break laws in the parking lot. You can also pay attention to the challenges drivers face while using the lot. 

License Plate Recognition System 


A license plate recognition system is really good for a company parking lot. It is not just reliable, it is efficient and cost-effective and the best way to reduce traffic in your parking lot. By using this, you can easily grant access to cars whose license numbers have been registered in the system, hence, no unregistered cars would be allowed. 

This system gives insight into the user's parking habits and then you can track the people who do not park well. This is because the plate numbers are registered, so when you see someone park where they are not meant to, or not Park well, you can easily find out who it is based on the license number. And if it is a habit, you will know. 

Parking Applications 

One of the User Interfaces of ParkWell app

While the CCTV and automatic license plate recognition system are very good in controlling traffic in the parking lot, having a parking application makes it so much easier. Parking apps like the ParkWell app would allow your employees to book parking spaces. It also utilizes all the parking spaces and ensures that no parking space is empty. 

Reduction of your parking lot in this context means increasing the functionality of the parking system and utilizing it to contain more vehicles. It also means renovating it and including technology that would also help to increase the functionality, including CCTV and license recognition system. This way, it doesn’t just help in parking but also serves as security for the vehicles because they are watched under surveillance and unlicensed vehicles cannot come in. 

Quote of the day. 

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way." -Napoleon Hill