The Most Recent Developments In The Parking Industry

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In today's post, we'll be sharing some of the most recent developments when it comes to parking.  In modern societies, the need for a parking space has increasingly become a constant source of frustration for motorists. Growing cities are in constant need of parking lots. In recent times, a lot of technology has been dedicated to solving the problem of finding a parking space in an urban society. Some of these trends that will help with this problem-solving include: 

Automated Parking

Automation has been introduced to various car parks in different parts of the world. This system makes use of machinery to solve the problem of parking. The automated parking system works like an automated storage rack, it allows four times as many cars to be parked in the car park when compared to a conventional car park. This is because the driver and passenger leave the vehicle before it gets parked, so there is no need to leave much space between cars.

You can check more about the automated parking lot here


IoT means Internet of things. It simply means communication between online devices. It is essential in solving parking problems because it shows the motorist which parking space is available. Facts have shown that including IoT into car parks significantly reduced the search for parking space by drivers since they see the available spaces in real-time, using an app. 

ParkWell uses IoT to show available parking spaces to its users. So, if you use the ParkWell app, you don't have to worry about the search for parking spaces. If you don't use the app, it's not too late to start, you can always download it from your phone's app store. 

Parking Applications

Today, almost everyone uses a smartphone. While there are a lot of ways to get parking information, parking apps that make use of IoT to give real-time parking information are part of the current parking trends. This makes parking very easy and it even makes it simpler to pay for parking. With a parking app, you can get the prices and pay online with your card or e-wallet, smooth cashless transactions. If you're searching for a parking app, you don't have to go far. Search for the ParkWell on your play store or app store, and download. Now you can get secure and affordable parking just in one tap.

Parking Assistance

A lot of new cars come with factory fitted parking assistance, these features allow them to park easily and more efficiently. Older cars that do not come with these features can also have them fitted. And cars that do not have these sensors can benefit from the factory fitted cars as they allow other drivers to parallel park, reverse, their cars safely and confidently.

These technological features are available in different parts of the world. However, the future of parking is self -driving cars. They can drive side by side, or one directly behind the other, with little to no space between them. With this technology, not just parking lots, but also roads can be downsized. The roads would also accommodate many more cars, hence there would  be less congestion. This would free up space for other, more essential, infrastructures.

The parking industry is really adopting technologies, hence the future of the parking industry is in technology. 

Good things were not made in a day, so be patient and enjoy the process.