The Future of Parking is Smart Parking

You know that feeling when you struggle through Lagos traffic, then you get to your destination. Instead of feeling relieved, the anxiety of finding a suitable parking space builds again, and the only thing you can wonder is when you will catch a break. We've all been through that. So many times you have to park far away then walk to your destination. Our cities are turning fast into megacities with the perfect Eco-friendly space. However, it can be very difficult to achieve this if the parking issue is not solved. 

Due to the increase in cars, finding a parking space is very difficult, but don't worry that's why we at Parkwell are here to help. 

What is smart parking?

Smart parking combines the use of different technologies like IoT (Internet Of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), to determine and report on the availability of parking spaces to motorists in real-time. It's like having your personal parking map. Interesting right?  This is achieved with the use of sensors which are embedded at parking spaces. 

While we are enjoying the real-time parking maps, we should also watch out for these things in the future. 

Tracking sensors:


The GPS tracking system in most cars can collect data to check for the availability of parking spaces. This data is processed by a suitable network then shared with the car company and drivers. A lot of automobile companies are using this technology and we can't wait till it becomes large scale. 

Automated parking 


This is my favourite. This system has the ability to move cars up and down in a multi-story parking lot. Fascinating right? One More advantage, the driver doesn't need to get in or out during the process, hence increasing land space for more cars to park. This system is not open spaced and it is very safe. 

Parking counter

Parking lots available space display counter information building city management system electronic device guide detector indicator light automatic indoor real time ultrasonic direction monitoring

This system detects the vehicles entering and leaving a parking facility. This system will show motorists the count of available parking spaces in real-time. This system can also be used to monitor trends and patterns and in all, improve the parking lot. 

Traffic Monitoring System


This system can improve people's adherence to traffic rules. It can check parking violations in real-time and even take video evidence. 

Smart parking applications are the next cool thing. It is going to help motorists find and reserve parking spaces, and authorities will be able to manage the flow of traffic better. It's a great innovation.