Smart Parking: Saving Cost

There's a rapid increase in traffic congestion in and out of busy cities and this is due to the consistent growth happening in the world. An estimated 30% of traffic is caused by people looking for parking spaces. Because parking costs a lot, cities should solve the problem of losing money of its citizen to traffic caused by insufficient parking lots.

About 64% of drivers feel stressed when looking for a parking space. With about 20% of people arguing over parking issues. Most car owners feel a lot of stress and frustration from the difficulty that comes with parking. Of those surveyed, 40% said they avoid stores because of parking conditions. This means that parking problems not only cause stress and pollution but also affect local businesses and economies negatively.


Developing busy cities like Lagos face significant parking challenges. The influx of residents into these cities causes more uncontrollable congestion which in turn affects people’s productivity. 

Statistics show that people waste an average of 19 hours per year looking for a parking space consuming more fuel than necessary hence, increasing car maintenance fees.

Smart parking apps like Parkwell Mobile app, reduce driver search time by providing real-time information about parking space occupancy. Using smart parking apps not only reduces stress levels for drivers but also saves money by saving drivers fuel and time. 

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