Parking Laws

One general rule of parking is that you must not park in a place with the No Parking Sign.

We know parking can be quite tasking and in some cases, certain people develop parking anxiety. (Read here on our article about Parking Anxiety). 

Another general rule is that whenever you want to park, you should look at your side mirrors to check out for other road users, indicating with your trafficator that you are about to make a stop or turning so that they have an idea of what you are about to do.

Here are some of the places where you should not park your vehicle:

1. Avoid parking at any space where there is a No Parking Sign to avoid your vehicle getting towed. 
no parking sign
2. Do not park at road junctions where you could cause inconvenience to other road users and put your car at the risk of getting bashed.
Road Junction
3. Avoid parking at certain places like the road bends, bus stops, either sides of pedestrian crossings.

When you park in these spaces, it is very easy to cause an accident, especially to pedestrians because you might be blocking them from seeing the movement of other vehicles.

major roads
4. Do not park in front of or within fifteen metres of an emergency exit for Hospitals, fire stations, police stations and Markets.

These places are called emergency exits for a reason, parking there might cause a disturbance in the flow of movement.

Police station
5. Avoid parking your car in such a way that it would affect the flow of traffic.

Hence you should not park on a narrow road, flyovers, tunnels, and underbridges.

Double Parking
6. Avoid Double Parking.

Double Parking means parking close to another vehicle or opposite it. Doing this will narrow the width of the road to less than that of two vehicles and this could cause traffic.

Double Parking
7. Always make sure that your vehicle is safely parked.

You can read here on Car Security.

Buy A Steering Lock
8. Whenever you park, ensure you leave enough space for your vehicle and other vehicles to move out.

Try to park within half a meter towards the edge of the road, read here.

Cars Parked in an open air car park.

With these pointers, you should know where and where not to park your vehicles to help with curbing traffic, safety of both other road users and your vehicles.

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