On And Off Street Parking

When you park along the sidewalk of a street, it is known as On-Street Parking.

On-Street parking basically means parking done along the street. In most cases, you can park along the street, however, it comes with restrictions. For instance, you might need a permit to park on the street.

Off-Street Parking means parking your vehicle anywhere that is not the street. Yes, this includes parking lots and garages.

The difference between On-Street and Off-Street parking is clear in the meaning, but they still have more features that distinguish them. Some of these include: 

Cost of Construction

First, the cost of constructing for On-Street parking is low both in price and time when you compare it to Off-Street parking facilities. Also, the time spent when developing and implementing On-Street parking systems is shorter when compared to the Off-Street system. 

For On-Street parking, you don't need to do with facilities and equipment, the highest that can be required of you would be a CCTV to help monitor parking activities.

Operational Requirements

When it comes to the establishment and operation, Off-Street parking lots need a lot of things. First of all, Land needs to be secured, then the installation of a toll system. However, On-Street parking just needs painting, CCTV and installation of parking meters.

When it comes to operations, police officers need to inspect the On-Street parking. Off-Street parking however does not need to be inspected by the police, and it can be operated as a private sector. 


The users of On-Street parking are casual users who can use the street on a short term basis.  However, unlike On-Street parking users, the users of Off-Street parking vary. They range from casual users to subscription based users. 

Some people prefer On-Street parking because it is cheaper, and a lot of garages and parking lots charge exorbitant prices for parking. Also, there is this constant worry about the safety of cars and the issue of traffic when it comes to On-Street parking. 

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