How to prevent Parking Lots Hazards

Whether it is a ground-floor level parking to underground parking lots, parking lot owners have a responsibility to ensure that the parking lots are hazard-free and safe to use for their customers. However, safety should not be limited to only the vehicles parked in the parking lots but also the people within the parking lots.

Parking lot hazards can be caused by the following:

  • Cars carelessly and not properly packed can obstruct other road users, that is, pedestrians, other drivers.

  • Poorly marked and segregated parking areas without considering other road users.

  • Poor maintenance of parking lot equipment can result in failure and lead to unforeseen accidents.

  • Overcrowded parking lots can result in blocking alternative routes.

However, it should be noted that if parking lots are properly planned, the hazards listed above can be prevented. Here are some of our recommendations for a safe parking lot:

  • Have clear marked parking areas for cars.

  • Provide safe areas for pedestrians.

  • Parking areas should be well lit and easy to locate.

  • Having stable and well-drained surfaces will help a lot during the rainy season.

  • Provision of barricades to prevent road users from passing their boundaries.

  • Have control over the numbers of cars parked at your parking lots to prevent over parking.

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