How Parkwell is Impacting the Parking Industry in Nigeria

At Parkwell, we are making reservations and payments for parking stress-free as a digital parking platform. Parkwell is a digital solution that allows drivers/car owners to find and reserve parking spaces conveniently. Through the use of our Mobile app and website we’ve been able to help over 5000+ drivers/car owners find the nearest available parking space quickly and also onboard over 100+ accessible and secure car parks within Lagos alone.

If you are wondering how Parkwell can be of benefit to you, here are 4 reasons you need to consider;

1. Improved Efficiency

Parkwell is improving the efficiency of the parking industry in Nigeria by reducing the time every driver/car owner spends on the road looking for parking. More users locating parking on Parkwell also helps to reduce traffic congestion and improve the flow of vehicles on the roads.

2. Price Comparison

On Parkwell, our users can easily compare prices, choose the most affordable parking space, and pay for their parking without any hidden charges. 


3. Increased Security

Parkwell has also increased the security of vehicles parked at the car parks registered on the app as there’ll be options for auto insurance on every car parked. This helps to reduce the incidence of vehicle theft and damage, giving drivers/car owners peace of mind when parking their vehicles.

4. Improved Revenue Generation

Using the Parkwell app to reach users that are interested in Parking has also helped to improve revenue generation by 30% for car park owners in Nigeria. With Parkwell, parking lot owners can easily monitor the occupancy rate of their parking spaces, adjust their prices, and generate reports on their revenue. This helps to increase their revenue and profitability.

Parkwell is currently improving the parking industry in Nigeria and we are prepared for more impact as drivers begin to use the Parkwell app as their go-to for car park reservation and payment.

Download and install the app on PLAYSTORE or APP STORE and start booking parking with ease.