Automated Parking System

Automated parking systems are a way to reduce the land space used in your parking. The system works with a combination of conveyance belts and software technology for the best user experience. The system boasts of electro-mechanical infrastructure and computer-controlled robots. The conveying devices are capable of vertical and horizontal movement and used to store and retrieve vehicles from available multi-depth parking positions without human intervention. 

Some of the characteristics of this system include:

  •  Electro-mechanical conveying  devices

  •  Enclosed structure, single-level or multilevel structure

  • Multidimensional/multidirectional/multi-depth movements

  • Entry/Exit bay rooms

An Automated Parking System is like a Valet Parking System except that there is no valet involved. For an Automated Parking System, it requires less human involvement and the process is shorter and faster.

Parking Your Vehicle with the Automated Parking System

This parking system works differently from a conventional lot, it saves about 50% of the space used in the conventional parking lot. The system consists of bay rooms which are used for the storage and retrieval of cars.

The driver approaches the bay room with the car and stops at the marked sign. Then, a rolling door opens where the driver would drive the car into the bay where it is measured by sensors and guided to the correct position by instructions on a screen in front of the driver. When the car is correctly positioned, the driver gets an on-screen approval that the car is ready to be parked.

After which, the driver exits the car, locks it, leaves the bay room and goes to complete the parking procedure. Once the bay door closes, and the sensors can detect that there is no movement outside the car based on the car’s dimensions, a shuttle system will retrieve the car from the bay and store it in a suitable place.

Retrieving Your Vehicle from the Automated Parking System

Unlike the conventional parking system, where the driver walks up to his car at the lot and drives out, the process for the Automated Parking System is different. 

There is no garage to walk into or elevators to take to the parking ground. Drivers simply need to request their vehicles using an app, swiping their parking card or scanning a barcode which would trigger the request to retrieve their car.

The shuttle system retrieves the car from storage and delivers it to an empty bay room. The designated bay room door opens with the car facing out and ready to go. The driver just needs to get in and drive straight out.