Angled Vs Straight Car Parking.

When you visit a parking lot, do you just park or you check around for patterns? Have you ever wondered why cars are parked in a certain way in this parking lot and they are parked differently in another parking lot? Some cars are parked diagonally while some are straight.

You see, a lot of thought processes go out when a parking lot is being built. One of those is the choice between Angled and Straight parking lots. In this post, we will be sharing the comparison between Angled and Straight parking lots. 

Angled Parking


Angled Parking Spaces are often tilted at a certain angle. It could be 45° or 60°. To enter a 60° parking lot, one has to make a turn of 60 degrees. It is a good middle ground between the straight parking lot and 45 degrees and it is quite easy to enter. 

Generally, an angled parking lot doesn’t require vehicles to make a sharp turn when parking. This makes it easier for cars to move in and out of the parking space. It also reduces the chances of cars colliding into one another as drivers stay within the lines of their parking space. Also, drivers can move if a car parks really close to them because they are arranged at an angle.

Parking facility owners need to put in careful thought into the overall layout of traffic if they choose angled parking spaces because it depends on one way traffic which can sometimes be frustrating for drivers. 

Straight Parking


A lot of us are very familiar with this mode of parking. A driver has to turn his car 90° away from traffic to enter a straight parking lot. Straight parking also reduces the number of cars getting blocked when the car next to them parking too close. 

However, straight parking spaces take up more space for a parking lot. Cars also need to turn out more to get the right angle when compared with angled parking spaces.


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